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neophyte blogger signing in…

Hi everyone…

I have finally mustered enough courage to start the blog that I have been wanting to in the past few years. I am a nurse by profession but I also am a writer (sort of). Hence, having an outlet to babble about my thoughts will certaily do me good. Even if I do not expect people to actually come and read my babbles, I still want to pursue this.

22 years old and dreaming of trying my luck in another country. This is the start of my journey as I chronicle them here. In about a month or so, I am about to take the NCLEX exam. Lots of stuff to study and perhaps starting a blog is just my way to procrastinate (lol!). But don’t get me wrong. I am serious about passing NCLEX and finding better oppotunities.

Hopefully, this blog will serve as a witness to my successful journey as I go through the hustle and bustle of mundane daily existence. Please join me as I hope and pray and study and drive myself insane for the first step ahead: my NCLEX test. I’ll update you on this.


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