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On study styles and more (I hate highlighter pens)

So I took this test that told me I am a visual type of learner yada, yada… I agree with most of the descriptions of my “learning style” but the one thing that caught my eye was the statement that “Visual learners are fond of highlighting their books and notes with multicolored pens”.

Sheesh. That is so not true. I want my books and notes to be free of all that stuff. I am not sure why but I find those lines, colors, circles and other scribbles to be distracting. Hey, don’t get the impression that I am a clean freak when it comes to my notes. (coz people who know me can testify that I am far from that). I frequently gaze and stare at my other review classmates who mark their books with multi colored highlighters.

There are times when I want to copy them because probably it helps in the learning process. Plus, it just looks so cool (meh.) However, I do not want to because I have already tried this when I was in elementary school. Instead of highlighting only the important stuff, I end up highlighting everything! So the result is a more of a coloring book instead of a study material. On top of it all, I become so engrossed with highlighting the passages but I end up with little or almost no understanding of the material. Hence, all my books are very clean and scribble free. Sometimes people doubt if I read my books because they are free of any marks.

I will not risk my study habits now with about a month into the NCLEX test just to look cool or studious with highlighting my books.I find that reading them and putting notes in a separate paper is more effective for me.

Hmm… that’s all folks. Gonna get back to studying….


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  1. Hey there! Thanks for the link! This is such an interesting post, because I also (thought) I was a visual learner before medical school. I thought those people who highlighted their notes just looked disorganized and that their notesets were overwhelming. Ha! Now, I am one of “those people.” At times, an entire noteset will be colored…in all different shades of highlighter. I’ve found that having different colors helps various passages to “pop” out at me when there is so much material. Sometimes, the highlighting also helps me remember where on the page I’m looking for something.

    Anyway, this change in studying had no bearing on my MCAT studying (or NCLEX prep, in your case). Just do what works for you and good luck! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Red Stethoscope! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. First commenter and from a blogger I so admire! Really not kidding here I have found your blog about a few weeks ago and I have already read your entire blog. Ha! I do that if find an interesting blog. I read all the archives (if I can) til my eyes can barely keep themselves open. lol

      Anyway, I always thought this blog would end up like an online diary and nobody would ever stop by and leave a comment so you do not know how such a simple comment made my day! (or week, or blogosphere life) haha.

      Thanks again and continue to blog. Me and all your readers love hearing from you πŸ™‚


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