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Frustration 101

Ugh… I have been neglecting my blog and I am just starting……

Sorry blog I was kept busy by some urgent and pressing matters on my review, the house, relatives etc. etc.
Life gets in the way of blogging at times. haha NOT kidding.

Anyway, I just got to say that days are tough. TOUGH. for me right now. I have been supporting my allowance and my review and exam fees from the very little income that I make online. Hurr durr…. yah, I am a Nurse who is reviewing for the opportunity to work in the good ole US by taking on some shit online work. Scary! Hmmm

I am probably insane for cramming in a blog to maintain despite my busy review schedule, online work and lots of other stuff. Please stay with me….

Ughhh!!!!!! I feel so frustrated right now… I feel like this……….

**** of course I am not taking credit for the pic. I just found it on google images so get over yourself. He is not my son (haha, I wish!) or brother k?***


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