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Jackfruit Flavored Cheese, Anyone?

You want one?

Well, sorry to disappoint you folks but this elusive Jackfruit flavored cheese does not exist (boo-hoo). Well, if you are wondering if I have suddenly transformed into a food blog, well, no.

I was just so inspired by the accident (?) that happened in our refrigerator this morning. Mom absentmindedly left a bowl of fresh, ripe jackfruit sitting beside a bar of cheese! If you have eaten a ripe and freshly picked jackfruit, you will understand how ODOROUS this thing is. It’s not exactly off putting but it is strong, man! You have to be suffering from impacted sinuses (whut???) to not be able to smell something as strong as this.

The refrigerator greeted me this morning with a strong whiff of jackfruit goodness. Way to start the morning suffocating my nasal passages, Dear Jackie.

This bowl of jackfruit actually came from a tree in our backyard. How awesome is that?! I got to be honest. This is one of the perks of living in a beautiful tropical climate. You get to have delicious and refreshing fruits right at your own front lawn!

Anyway, this fruit was smelling so strong for a few days and was so attention seeking that its scent seem to yell: “Hey, I’m ripe! Pick me! Pick me!”

Gosh………. so it was sitting for quite some time beside my lovely bar of cheese so when I ate my bread and cheese this morning, it was a jackfruit flavored cheese! It’s actually good! I never expected that I would love it. I’m not exactly a fan of jackfruit and cheese as well (except if the latter is in pasta. Yum!!! now I am craving for pasta so bad).

Now, excuse me as I claim a patent for this wonderful jackfruit cheese. Don’t you dare copy me or I will sue you (lol). Who knows, this might be the million dollar enterprise idea that could change my life… mehhhhhhhhhhh

*** well, the photo above is from It is not really a jackfruit flavored cheese but a jackfruit cheesecake (How yum! is that?)***


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