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Wavy Hair Is In!

Nope. I do not look anywhere as gorgeous as that girl I found via google images for wavy hair. So why is she gracing this part of my blog, you think?

That’s because I have come to accept (finally) that my hair is like that. I have thick wavy hair and I have always been insecure of it growing up. In my society, the definition of beauty includes a fabulous hair (note: STRAIGHT, silky hair like that on the shampoo commercial). With my wavy hair, I just did not fit in.

While growing up, I attempted (and failed miserably) at fixing my hair via some random albeit expensive! hair straightening treatments. It was a disaster because my hair only ended up being more damaged than ever. Lame………

So as I grew up, I just said screw this why don’t I just go bald and hope my hair would turn out nicer… haha. This was an idea from an elementary friend which I thought was feasible before. haha shoutout to you awesome sistah for a fabulous idea dating to a time when we had zero knowledge of how hair follicles work.

Then comes nursing school which forced us to put our hairs in neat buns. Unlike my other classmates, I was actually quite happy with it because I had the excuse to just put this lame hair together in a bun and be D-O-N-E! It was awesome not having to worry because nobody would see and care about what my hair looks like in a bun.

It was MY moment as I thought F you girls in my class with beautiful hair y’all gonna hide it in a freakin’ bun! haha. We’re all in this together sistahs! *evil laugh* haha

Well, I just realized my hair is nice in this state. Wavy and actually fashionable unlike straight haired girls that need to go through lengths to copy our fab waves. In my case I can rock the wavy look and switch to straight with the help of a cheap hair iron. Win-win for me!

So to all you wavy locked lasses out there show them we love our hair and do not need to feel insecure. hah!


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  1. That’s right, lady! Speak the truth! My sister (we are of Indian descent) has incredibly curly hair, whereas mine was stick straight when we were growing up. That poor girl endured so much with mousse, gel, hair spray, rollers, irons, hair dryers to try to get her hair to look decent. I know she used to be envious when I would do NOTHING but sleep on my wet hair, wake up, and it would still be fine. Now, my hair is wavy (like in the picture!) and I’m suffering a little bit too…lol. I tried using mousse (to keep it wavy, but not frizzy), but my hair resists hair products! When I put in hairspray, half stays wavy, the other half falls out, and I lose the bounce of the waves. Usually if I do nothing, the weight of my hair forces the waves to fall out and it is straight again by mid-afternoon. Good thing I’m a medical student and the state of my hair is the least of what I’m worried about! πŸ™‚

    Glad you liked the colonoscopy post. I’m easily excitable, if you couldn’t tell. Hahaha.

    • Haha. Hope your sis reads this because wavy hair is indeed in now! I am not just saying this as an ego boost for me to feel better about my hair. You can see it in magazines, TV, in celebrities, everywhere… They love the untamed and lazy waves and that makes it so easy for us natural wavy or curly haired people.

      I think being excitable is an awesome quality that we must keep. It keeps everything exciting lol πŸ™‚ How I wish I can get this exam over with asap because I like to write more about the job experience rather than the studying part. But oh well, this is necessary haha.



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