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I Found 4 Gray Hairs!

Moments ago I was studying in my desk here at home. I got so tired so I decided to check my reflection in a nearby mirror. I was flicking my hair and then suddenly I caught a glimpse of something shiny and glistening in my hair as it caught the bright light of my study lamp. Wait, what was that? Was it just an illusion of the light?

I frantically ran through my hair and lo and behold I found a silvery wisp of hair! Ughhh!!!! I became so engrossed with my hair for a few minutes that I completely forgot about the practice tests I am reviewing for NCLEX at that moment. I found four! four strands of gray hair! Darrnnnnn….

Now I feel old….

I cannot be old… I’m 22. Is that old? Yah? Oh, bummer………..

This can’t be happening. I haven’t even passed my NCLEX yet. I haven’t been married yet. I haven’t given cute grandchildren for my parents. I can NOT be old……

Hmmmmmmm probably it’s just because of the stress lately…..

But well, I’m probably making a big deal out of 4 strands of hair. I need to relax and take a deep breath……

22 is not old. Calm down……….


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