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The Barbie Hate Club

Not really. I do Not HATE Barbie per se. But I just am not so gaga over her like many of the girls when I was young.

I just do not have enough memories of playing with Barbie and making her a fixture in my childhood life to put her into prime importance in my memories now that I’m an adult.

Growing up, I know I had only One. Yes, one Barbie doll. I played with her once and not in the girly sense of the word. It was a game of I’m the Doctor and Barbie is my patient. She was sick and I needed to “fix” her. Sadly, my idea of fixing her was cutting off her head, arms and feet. Thank God I did not grow up to be your surgeon lol.

Anyway, my parents freaked out when they saw that I brutally mutilated Barbie. “But ma, Barbie was sick so I needed to fix her.” Hmm understandably, that was the end of all contact for Barbie and me.

My parents and relatives soon learned to just give me soft, fluffy toys and not barbie. Better yet, they learned that I will appreciate it more if they gave me a book. (yah, nerd in the making. so what?)
Good for them, Barbie dolls are so overrated and expensive anyway. They have probably saved good money off them.

So… Barbie it’s not that I hate you. I just DON’T like you.

And by the way sorry for tearing out your head, arms and shoulders when I was little. You were too brittle anyway. Sorry.


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