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I “Forgot” that James Bond was a Spy

In an effort to brush up on my Medical Surgical Nursing concept in the review, I decided to read Schumacher and Chernecky’s “Critical Care & Emergency Nursing” book. While reading this, I got one of the most stupid moments of my life.

This book has been with me for a few years now and just accumulating dust in the shelves. Big mistake because it is very informative and easy to read. How I wish I read this before I took my local Nursing board.

There are short chapters interrupted by the occasional crossword puzzle to check vocabulary terms and some important concepts. I was reading on the Shock and Trauma section and this was on the early chapters of the book. Understandably, I thought that the questions will all be about the chapter. I did not know that there are some questions here and there that do not relate to the topic at all.

Hence, I was so surprised when one of the crossword clues was “James Bond”.

I was thinking “Ridiculous! Why is James Bond on my Shock and Trauma Crossword?!” I even went as far as thinking about browsing through the chapter to see if James B0nd was mentioned somewhere. But I did not do that because I felt like it was you know, some sort of cheating.

You wouldn’t believe I even thought about more pathetic possibilities like perhaps there is some James Bond law or rule in health care that I am not aware of. Well, I just inferred that there was a Frank-Starling law perhaps there is also a James Bond Law (?). ‘Coz both of them are names, eh? Crazy logic yah, I know…

So I ended up skipping that term and just find out in the answer key later.

The odd thing is that it was only a three letter word. Letters S and P are already present because I have solved some parts of the crossword already. Just letter Y and I still missed it?! Sooooo stupid me. This is the effect of too much review and studying heh!

It was truly a facepalm moment for me as I found out that the answer is just plain and simple “spy”. After getting terms like preload, afterload, left ventricular end diastolic volume correctly, I could not figure out the word “spy”. Crazy me! Even a 10 year old can beat me to that.

So that is how I “forgot” that James Bond was a spy.


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