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Why am I not worried (at all?)

Few weeks before my NCLEX exam, I am surprisingly calm (or is it the calm before the storm? hah!)

Most of my review classmates become p-a-r-a-n-o-i-d when they get to this point. I find it odd that I am not as frantic as they are.

Sure, I still have a lot to read, answer and review but that’s ok. That is all part of it. I even find time to read blogs and engage in a part time online job. Is this a sign that I am handling things fairly well or is this just a well built defense mechanism of mine that shields me from breaking down in the face of all the stresses?


Problems with my registration arrangements forced my exam to be on May (not April anymore).

But that’s ok.

I long for the day that I will post on this blog how wannabeUSRN is now closer to her goals. Although my stats show that I have zero readers, will proudly announce here when I pass. I feel like this blog has been very instrumental in preserving my sanity throughout all these.

However, if I do not pass I swear I will not blog here again!

It is odd that I worry about “not worrying” for the big events coming up. But oh well, probably I am “in the zone” and in my best element so I might as well make good use of it.

I will review well and I will pass, right?

Countless others have passed before me so I am positive that I can also do this. Go, go go! Yey me! (self encouragement is definitely the best) haha



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