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I Passed!!!!

Yep guys…

I just passed the NCLEX RN exam!

I feel so high right now. I feel like a real winner! Cheers!


Why am I not worried (at all?)

Few weeks before my NCLEX exam, I am surprisingly calm (or is it the calm before the storm? hah!)

Most of my review classmates become p-a-r-a-n-o-i-d when they get to this point. I find it odd that I am not as frantic as they are.

Sure, I still have a lot to read, answer and review but that’s ok. That is all part of it. I even find time to read blogs and engage in a part time online job. Is this a sign that I am handling things fairly well or is this just a well built defense mechanism of mine that shields me from breaking down in the face of all the stresses?


Problems with my registration arrangements forced my exam to be on May (not April anymore).

But that’s ok.

I long for the day that I will post on this blog how wannabeUSRN is now closer to her goals. Although my stats show that I have zero readers, will proudly announce here when I pass. I feel like this blog has been very instrumental in preserving my sanity throughout all these.

However, if I do not pass I swear I will not blog here again!

It is odd that I worry about “not worrying” for the big events coming up. But oh well, probably I am “in the zone” and in my best element so I might as well make good use of it.

I will review well and I will pass, right?

Countless others have passed before me so I am positive that I can also do this. Go, go go! Yey me! (self encouragement is definitely the best) haha


I “Forgot” that James Bond was a Spy

In an effort to brush up on my Medical Surgical Nursing concept in the review, I decided to read Schumacher and Chernecky’s “Critical Care & Emergency Nursing” book. While reading this, I got one of the most stupid moments of my life.

This book has been with me for a few years now and just accumulating dust in the shelves. Big mistake because it is very informative and easy to read. How I wish I read this before I took my local Nursing board.

There are short chapters interrupted by the occasional crossword puzzle to check vocabulary terms and some important concepts. I was reading on the Shock and Trauma section and this was on the early chapters of the book. Understandably, I thought that the questions will all be about the chapter. I did not know that there are some questions here and there that do not relate to the topic at all.

Hence, I was so surprised when one of the crossword clues was “James Bond”.

I was thinking “Ridiculous! Why is James Bond on my Shock and Trauma Crossword?!” I even went as far as thinking about browsing through the chapter to see if James B0nd was mentioned somewhere. But I did not do that because I felt like it was you know, some sort of cheating.

You wouldn’t believe I even thought about more pathetic possibilities like perhaps there is some James Bond law or rule in health care that I am not aware of. Well, I just inferred that there was a Frank-Starling law perhaps there is also a James Bond Law (?). ‘Coz both of them are names, eh? Crazy logic yah, I know…

So I ended up skipping that term and just find out in the answer key later.

The odd thing is that it was only a three letter word. Letters S and P are already present because I have solved some parts of the crossword already. Just letter Y and I still missed it?! Sooooo stupid me. This is the effect of too much review and studying heh!

It was truly a facepalm moment for me as I found out that the answer is just plain and simple “spy”. After getting terms like preload, afterload, left ventricular end diastolic volume correctly, I could not figure out the word “spy”. Crazy me! Even a 10 year old can beat me to that.

So that is how I “forgot” that James Bond was a spy.

I Found 4 Gray Hairs!

Moments ago I was studying in my desk here at home. I got so tired so I decided to check my reflection in a nearby mirror. I was flicking my hair and then suddenly I caught a glimpse of something shiny and glistening in my hair as it caught the bright light of my study lamp. Wait, what was that? Was it just an illusion of the light?

I frantically ran through my hair and lo and behold I found a silvery wisp of hair! Ughhh!!!! I became so engrossed with my hair for a few minutes that I completely forgot about the practice tests I am reviewing for NCLEX at that moment. I found four! four strands of gray hair! Darrnnnnn….

Now I feel old….

I cannot be old… I’m 22. Is that old? Yah? Oh, bummer………..

This can’t be happening. I haven’t even passed my NCLEX yet. I haven’t been married yet. I haven’t given cute grandchildren for my parents. I can NOT be old……

Hmmmmmmm probably it’s just because of the stress lately…..

But well, I’m probably making a big deal out of 4 strands of hair. I need to relax and take a deep breath……

22 is not old. Calm down……….

The Barbie Hate Club

Not really. I do Not HATE Barbie per se. But I just am not so gaga over her like many of the girls when I was young.

I just do not have enough memories of playing with Barbie and making her a fixture in my childhood life to put her into prime importance in my memories now that I’m an adult.

Growing up, I know I had only One. Yes, one Barbie doll. I played with her once and not in the girly sense of the word. It was a game of I’m the Doctor and Barbie is my patient. She was sick and I needed to “fix” her. Sadly, my idea of fixing her was cutting off her head, arms and feet. Thank God I did not grow up to be your surgeon lol.

Anyway, my parents freaked out when they saw that I brutally mutilated Barbie. “But ma, Barbie was sick so I needed to fix her.” Hmm understandably, that was the end of all contact for Barbie and me.

My parents and relatives soon learned to just give me soft, fluffy toys and not barbie. Better yet, they learned that I will appreciate it more if they gave me a book. (yah, nerd in the making. so what?)
Good for them, Barbie dolls are so overrated and expensive anyway. They have probably saved good money off them.

So… Barbie it’s not that I hate you. I just DON’T like you.

And by the way sorry for tearing out your head, arms and shoulders when I was little. You were too brittle anyway. Sorry.

Jackfruit Flavored Cheese, Anyone?

You want one?

Well, sorry to disappoint you folks but this elusive Jackfruit flavored cheese does not exist (boo-hoo). Well, if you are wondering if I have suddenly transformed into a food blog, well, no.

I was just so inspired by the accident (?) that happened in our refrigerator this morning. Mom absentmindedly left a bowl of fresh, ripe jackfruit sitting beside a bar of cheese! If you have eaten a ripe and freshly picked jackfruit, you will understand how ODOROUS this thing is. It’s not exactly off putting but it is strong, man! You have to be suffering from impacted sinuses (whut???) to not be able to smell something as strong as this.

The refrigerator greeted me this morning with a strong whiff of jackfruit goodness. Way to start the morning suffocating my nasal passages, Dear Jackie.

This bowl of jackfruit actually came from a tree in our backyard. How awesome is that?! I got to be honest. This is one of the perks of living in a beautiful tropical climate. You get to have delicious and refreshing fruits right at your own front lawn!

Anyway, this fruit was smelling so strong for a few days and was so attention seeking that its scent seem to yell: “Hey, I’m ripe! Pick me! Pick me!”

Gosh………. so it was sitting for quite some time beside my lovely bar of cheese so when I ate my bread and cheese this morning, it was a jackfruit flavored cheese! It’s actually good! I never expected that I would love it. I’m not exactly a fan of jackfruit and cheese as well (except if the latter is in pasta. Yum!!! now I am craving for pasta so bad).

Now, excuse me as I claim a patent for this wonderful jackfruit cheese. Don’t you dare copy me or I will sue you (lol). Who knows, this might be the million dollar enterprise idea that could change my life… mehhhhhhhhhhh

*** well, the photo above is from It is not really a jackfruit flavored cheese but a jackfruit cheesecake (How yum! is that?)***

Wavy Hair Is In!

Nope. I do not look anywhere as gorgeous as that girl I found via google images for wavy hair. So why is she gracing this part of my blog, you think?

That’s because I have come to accept (finally) that my hair is like that. I have thick wavy hair and I have always been insecure of it growing up. In my society, the definition of beauty includes a fabulous hair (note: STRAIGHT, silky hair like that on the shampoo commercial). With my wavy hair, I just did not fit in.

While growing up, I attempted (and failed miserably) at fixing my hair via some random albeit expensive! hair straightening treatments. It was a disaster because my hair only ended up being more damaged than ever. Lame………

So as I grew up, I just said screw this why don’t I just go bald and hope my hair would turn out nicer… haha. This was an idea from an elementary friend which I thought was feasible before. haha shoutout to you awesome sistah for a fabulous idea dating to a time when we had zero knowledge of how hair follicles work.

Then comes nursing school which forced us to put our hairs in neat buns. Unlike my other classmates, I was actually quite happy with it because I had the excuse to just put this lame hair together in a bun and be D-O-N-E! It was awesome not having to worry because nobody would see and care about what my hair looks like in a bun.

It was MY moment as I thought F you girls in my class with beautiful hair y’all gonna hide it in a freakin’ bun! haha. We’re all in this together sistahs! *evil laugh* haha

Well, I just realized my hair is nice in this state. Wavy and actually fashionable unlike straight haired girls that need to go through lengths to copy our fab waves. In my case I can rock the wavy look and switch to straight with the help of a cheap hair iron. Win-win for me!

So to all you wavy locked lasses out there show them we love our hair and do not need to feel insecure. hah!