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Frustration 101

Ugh… I have been neglecting my blog and I am just starting……

Sorry blog I was kept busy by some urgent and pressing matters on my review, the house, relatives etc. etc.
Life gets in the way of blogging at times. haha NOT kidding.

Anyway, I just got to say that days are tough. TOUGH. for me right now. I have been supporting my allowance and my review and exam fees from the very little income that I make online. Hurr durr…. yah, I am a Nurse who is reviewing for the opportunity to work in the good ole US by taking on some shit online work. Scary! Hmmm

I am probably insane for cramming in a blog to maintain despite my busy review schedule, online work and lots of other stuff. Please stay with me….

Ughhh!!!!!! I feel so frustrated right now… I feel like this……….

**** of course I am not taking credit for the pic. I just found it on google images so get over yourself. He is not my son (haha, I wish!) or brother k?***


On study styles and more (I hate highlighter pens)

So I took this test that told me I am a visual type of learner yada, yada… I agree with most of the descriptions of my “learning style” but the one thing that caught my eye was the statement that “Visual learners are fond of highlighting their books and notes with multicolored pens”.

Sheesh. That is so not true. I want my books and notes to be free of all that stuff. I am not sure why but I find those lines, colors, circles and other scribbles to be distracting. Hey, don’t get the impression that I am a clean freak when it comes to my notes. (coz people who know me can testify that I am far from that). I frequently gaze and stare at my other review classmates who mark their books with multi colored highlighters.

There are times when I want to copy them because probably it helps in the learning process. Plus, it just looks so cool (meh.) However, I do not want to because I have already tried this when I was in elementary school. Instead of highlighting only the important stuff, I end up highlighting everything! So the result is a more of a coloring book instead of a study material. On top of it all, I become so engrossed with highlighting the passages but I end up with little or almost no understanding of the material. Hence, all my books are very clean and scribble free. Sometimes people doubt if I read my books because they are free of any marks.

I will not risk my study habits now with about a month into the NCLEX test just to look cool or studious with highlighting my books.I find that reading them and putting notes in a separate paper is more effective for me.

Hmm… that’s all folks. Gonna get back to studying….

neophyte blogger signing in…

Hi everyone…

I have finally mustered enough courage to start the blog that I have been wanting to in the past few years. I am a nurse by profession but I also am a writer (sort of). Hence, having an outlet to babble about my thoughts will certaily do me good. Even if I do not expect people to actually come and read my babbles, I still want to pursue this.

22 years old and dreaming of trying my luck in another country. This is the start of my journey as I chronicle them here. In about a month or so, I am about to take the NCLEX exam. Lots of stuff to study and perhaps starting a blog is just my way to procrastinate (lol!). But don’t get me wrong. I am serious about passing NCLEX and finding better oppotunities.

Hopefully, this blog will serve as a witness to my successful journey as I go through the hustle and bustle of mundane daily existence. Please join me as I hope and pray and study and drive myself insane for the first step ahead: my NCLEX test. I’ll update you on this.